December 7, 2015 Isaiah 35: 1-10; Luke 5: 17-26

December 7, 2015 Isaiah 35: 1-10; Luke 5: 17-26

The songs we sing in Advent remind us to prepare a highway for God … and the Advent readings reinforce the theme of journey. Isaiah … in today’s first reading … reminds the children of Israel that God prepared the way for them to return from exile to their homeland … and Isaiah praises God’s great love for the people and expresses joy at the prospect of their return out of bondage to a land and life with God.

The paralytic in today’s Gospel also journeyed to Jesus … and like the Israelites … he faced obstacles along the way … the crowd blocked the way between him and Jesus, the Healer. Yet … looking closer at what seemed impossible … God did provide the way … he gave the man resourceful friends who found a way to bring the man to Jesus … and … in the end … the man rises and walks home … glorifying God.

In the next few weeks … as we continue our advent journey … as we travel our holy ways … let us remember that God has provided for us … for our return to Him.

God … who made the way for His exiled people … who inspired the paralytic’s friends … guides us to whatever we need on our journey to His heavenly kingdom.

Let us continue our journey with confidence … trusting that God is there for us … and surrounds us with whatever we need to be free from bondage and graced by His love.



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