December 11, 2015 Isaiah 48:17-19; Matt 11:16-19

December 11, 2015   Isaiah 48:17-19; Matt 11:16-19

John the Baptist was a recluse … his fasting was frequent and strict … his behavior odd … he was accused of being possessed. Jesus … on the other hand … goes among the people … He eats and drinks with them … he is called a drunkard and a glutton. They were different … yet … in their own unique way … they had the same effect on the people around them. Jesus and John each challenged peoples’ attitudes and comfort zones.

It is easy to dismiss what makes us uncomfortable. Like the people in the scriptures … we can be stuck in our little spheres of activity … oblivious to the bigger picture. When our comfort zone is challenged … we can rationalize and escape … rather than really hearing the message and taking action.

Listening with the heart is a theme in both of today’s readings. In the busy-ness of the pre-holiday season … it is not always easy to take the time to listen to God’s message to us. It is also not easy to take the time to act on … incorporate … and rejoice in God’s message in our lives.

As we approach the third Sunday of Advent … we will hear the words “joy”, “joyful” “rejoice” repeated in the scripture readings. May that message of joy come alive for us as we acknowledge that we “are wonderfully made”.

May we hear God’s word … fully participate in the life God has given us … and rejoice in His goodness.

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