our broken humanity

January 29, 2016     2 Samuel 11:1-4a, 5-10a, 13-17;   Mark 4:26-34

Picture1-41Today’s reading from the book of Samuel is an account of how our broken humanity is able to take control and jeopardize our relationship with God.

David was very special. He goes from a shepherd and poet … to a hero for slaying the giant, Goliath … to the chosen one of God … destined to be king.

All that strength and grace … yet today … we see the co-existence of good and evil as we hear of David breaching both his personal and royal covenant with the God of Israel.

David’s lust for Bathsheba leads him into an adulterous relationship. But wait … there’s more! To avoid the scandal of his sin … he arranges a murder as a cover up. God’s chosen one sins!

If you read further on in this chapter (it’s a great read) … in the end … David is brought to his knees before the Lord … he eventually repents and is restored into the graces of God.

Like King David we love the Lord … but our humanness can get in the way … sin is not far away from us.

Like David … we can be brought to our knees before our loving and merciful God who is never far away.

In this Holy Year of Mercy … let us seek God’s mercy and forgiveness so that our hearts are changed and we grow and are restored in God’s grace.


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