Jesus “summoned” the Twelve … there’s the CALL.

February 4, 2016 1 Kings 2:1-4, 10-12; Mark 6:7-13

SM Albertine Stachowski, CSSF

Today’s Gospel is packed with action between Jesus and the Twelve He summoned. If we break it down …

– Jesus “summoned” the Twelve … there’s the CALL.

– Jesus “sends” them … there’s the COMMISSION.

– Jesus pairs them up … giving them a SUPPORT system.

– Jesus gives them authority … He EMPOWERS them for mission.

That sounds pretty one-sided … Jesus is doing the action. However … reading on … the twelve RESPOND.

They “go off” (they journey) to preach repentance … to drive out demons … and to anoint and cure the sick.

The Twelve were to do all this with very little material resources … they were to travel light … no extra clothes … no food … no money. All they had with them was the power of Jesus and their faith. This demanded great dependence on… and trust in God.

They had very little materially … but they were able to give much spiritually.

Each of us lives these dynamics of call, commission, support, empowerment, and response in our own faith life.

May we trust in God every day … to recognize what we are called to and respond with the gifts and goodness we have been given.

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