We see a real role reversal

February 25, 2016     Jeremiah 17:5-10;     Luke 16:19-31

How many times have we looked back and thought … ooohhhhh…. I should or could have done or acted differently?

The rich man in today’s Gospel does just that … he has regrets! If only he was more kind and generous to the beggar, Lazarus … he might not be in a place of torment. Notice … he did not harm the beggar … but he didn’t care for him either! It is what he did not do that takes him on a path he regrets.

On the other hand … the poor man … Lazarus, the beggar … makes no demands … he simply waits for some kindness. He’s in a tough spot … but his attitude pays off in the end … and he enjoys a heavenly reward.

This parable strikes to the heart! We see a real role reversal … the rich man ends up a beggar … pleading for relief and release from torment.

In contrast … the beggar … ends up forever rich as he enjoys eternal happiness and fulfillment.

The end could have been different for either of these individuals. It was what they did with what they had … or didn’t have … that played into their destiny.

Lent is a perfect time to reflect on what we do or don’t do … with what we have … or don’t have.

May our hearts be open to our realities … and to the needs around us. May our choices not bring us regrets!

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