March 21, 2016 Isaiah 42: 1-7; John 12: 1-11

March 21, 2016 Isaiah 42: 1-7; John 12: 1-11

In today’s first reading … Isaiah speaks of a “servant”. In our culture … that word has a somewhat negative feel … but for the people of Isaiah’s time a “servant” was one upon whom God put His Spirit … a “trustworthy emissary” … a “representative”.

The passage speaks of this servant as gentle and non-violent … but not weak or passive. This servant brings healing and justice. The servant Isaiah speaks of foreshadows Jesus … who by responding to the Will of His Father … brings healing and wholeness … and redemption to the world.

In the Gospel … Mary, the sister of Lazarus … acts like a loving servant … reverently and gently anointing the feet of Jesus. This anointing serves as a prelude to the passion and death of Jesus and His anointing for burial.

Yesterday, we began the week we call “holy”.

May our journey through this Holy Week … remind us that the work of God’s servant has to go on through us. We are to be servants … ready to follow God’s work and carry out His will.

May this week’s journey truly be holy for each one of us.

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