March 31, 2016 Acts 3:11-26; Luke 24:35-48

March 31, 2016 Acts 3:11-26; Luke 24:35-48

After the Resurrection … Peter and John drew crowds … after all they displayed incredible power through miracles and cures! The people wanted more! Peter knew that it was the power of Jesus working through him … and uses the opportunity to refocus and bring the crowd to recognize and understand the truth … that there would be no miracles EXCEPT through the power of Jesus.

Jesus … in today’s Gospel … also brings people … His disciples … to the truth that He is alive and among them. The women saw Him … Peter and John saw the empty tomb … the disciples on the road to Emmaus walked with Him … yet … all had to experience Him in terms they could understand before they finally “got it”.

Resurrection is not an easy concept. We read these accounts and wonder how these people didn’t Jesus. Yet … what if we had been there … would we have recognized Him?

Spiritual truths are difficult to understand … BUT … refocusing can help us see the bigger picture if we look with eyes of faith.

The resurrection becomes real for us in our everyday lives when we refocus and recognize that through the power and mercy of our loving God … we experience many in our daily lives.

That is the truth!

May we refocus and rejoice in the resurrected Jesus … who is alive and among us … Alleluia!


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