April 5, 2016 Acts 4:32-37; John 3:7b-15

April 5, 2016  Acts 4:32-37;  John 3:7b-15

In the Gospel … Jesus tells Nicodemus that he must have life in the Spirit … he must have a re-birth in the Spirit.

The early followers of Jesus took this seriously as they formed the early Church.

Today’s first reading gives us an idea of what life in the early Christian community was like.  The early Christians lived in harmony.  They shared everything among them … in fact … the scripture tells us … they were of one mind and heart.  They were so filled with the Holy Spirit that they could hardly contain their love, respect and concern for one another.  They cared enough to provide for all members of the community.  That is what it means to be re-born in the Spirit and to believe and follow Jesus.

We know that we were reborn at Baptism when we were given new life in Christ … but it doesn’t stop there.  We each need to renew our life in the Spirit in order to live our Christian life to the full … just like those early Christians did.

The early Christians show us how to live in the Spirit … they are an example of letting go … and letting God work through them.  With that example in mind … may we live in hope … generosity and fearlessness … just like the early Christians … and as followers of Jesus … may we be one in mind and heart … alive in God’s Spirit.


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