April 26, 2016 Acts 14:19-28; John 14:27-31a

April 26, 2016 Acts 14:19-28;  John 14:27-31a

Picture1As we read in the first reading … St. Paul was nearly killed for his preaching of the Gospel.  In fact … he was left for dead … but … one thing Paul knew was … that there was nothing that he couldn’t do if he relied on the Lord.  Paul’s courage came from within … and it brought him inner peace that allowed him to carry on his mission … even in the face of difficulty.

In today’s Gospel … Jesus knew His apostles were fearful … especially hearing that most difficult prediction about His upcoming death.  But He gives the apostles the gift of peace … assuring them that the Holy Spirit will guide and lead them.

For us … like the apostles … and like Paul … this peace … this inner sense of security … gives us the courage that comes from the conviction that God is with us and in us … and that we need not fear as long as we rely on the Lord.

When we offer each other a sign of God’s peace … may that be a reminder of how powerful the blessing of the peace of Christ is for each of us.

May we trust in God’s love and care … and have the fullness of peace and the courage we need to live holy lives.


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