April 29, 2016 Acts 15: 22-31; John 15: 12-17


“Love one another”.

I would say that message that we hear today is crystal clear … and a considerable challenge. Jesus cuts to the chase in today’s Gospel … and is very direct.

In the first reading … we see how the early Christian community struggled to live that message.  They experienced conflict over how to balance their new way of living with their familiar and strict observance of Mosaic Law.

The leaders of the early Church … Peter … Paul … and others relied on guidance from the Holy Spirit and love for one another to solve such conflicts.  What would Jesus do … was likely the question they asked themselves in making the decisions needed to create equity within the emerging Christian community.

Love one another … is still the basic message.  The message is clear and should drive our response … whether to large and global issues … or to personal and private issues.

Jesus tells us … we are His friends …if we do what He commands. The challenge for us is “how”.   … How do we apply that command to love … in this day and age?

Let us rely on the Holy Spirit and our love for one another … just as the early Christians did … to strike the balance that enables us to live what Jesus taught.

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