May 13, 2016 Acts 25:13b-21; John 21:15-19

May 13, 2016   Acts 25:13b-21;   John 21:15-19


photo by mgfredrick, cssf

Love is a powerful force.  Motivated by love … people often do things that are beyond expectation or comprehension.

Look at St. Paul … he once persecuted followers of Jesus … but once he understood who Jesus really was … he loved so much that his courage and love of the Lord made him unstoppable in preaching the Good News of Jesus.

In today’s Gospel we hear the “do you love me” questions directed to St. Peter.  Imagine how he must have felt hearing them three times.  Peter wasn’t perfect … but he had the love and courage to follow in the footsteps of Jesus and zealously fulfill his role as chief shepherd of the church.

Both Peter and Paul were able to fulfill their role and mission because love changed their lives.  They each underwent a conversion … they each loved Jesus dearly … and each was open to the Holy Spirit at work in their lives.

When we look at ourselves … May we consider what kind of transformation we need in our own lives … what is it that will turn us around and intensify our love for the Lord and give us the courage to follow Him.

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