Serving Others with an Audience of One

jkjkServing Others with an Audience of One

In this week’s readings, God tells us we must not, “show partiality in our decisions (Malachi 1).” As Christians, we are called to lead from behind and pursue the greatest social good for others because “the greatest among you must be your servant (Matthew 23).” I think of what it means to be a leader and how people embody that differently, especially in this unsettling political time. Partisan politics and arguing can be daunting and fruitless when some leaders “preach but they do not practice (Matthew 23).” We can look to others as role models, such as Pope Francis, who embody servant leadership to inspire and give us hope. Can we come together in common humanity to serve each other and find common ground?

During Jesus’ ministry, he intentionally pointed out on multiple occasions those who were flaunting their piety, worthiness, goodness, or holiness to impress others. God is the only person we should be trying to please as we “have but one Father in heaven and one master, the Christ (Matthew 23).” This is something I struggle with very often in my own life when deciding what to wear or completing tasks at work or hanging out with my roommates. We place so much pressure on ourselves and on others to live up to certain standards of society. Only He can fill those spaces where we feel unworthy, broken, or inadequate. God already know us and all of our strengths and weaknesses so we don’t have to earn our worthiness in His eyes. It can be scary to let go of all that worry and desire to make everyone happy but God knows how hard it is and will bring clarity and peace.

Aimee Roberge
Franciscan Action Network Fall 2017 Intern

Suggested Action:
Say thank you to someone who has had a positive influence on your life who may be underappreciated and unnoticed for their positive servant leadership work. Or spend a few minutes in quiet today to give thanks to God and pray, “In you Lord I find my peace. (Psalm 131).”

Suggested Petitions:
For all world leaders that they may lead justly and treat all people with dignity and respect, we pray …
For those who feel the weight of the world’s problems or societal pressure, that God helps to carry that burden, we pray …
For our enemies and those who perpetrate violence or unjust laws, that their hearts may be transformed, we pray …
For the courage to act in a way that is pleasing to God by loving ourselves and others, we pray…

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