Was your day 1/2 full or 1/2 empty?

Deacon Mike

“Everyone is looking for you.”

Image may contain: one or more peopleWords from our gospel today, according to Mark.

The whole town stood at the door, looking for healing.
Looking for deliverance from evil.
Hoping that he could fulfill their personal needs.
And he did it. Lots of it.

Why did Jesus work these wonders?
Was it simply because he was a compassionate guy?
Was it because he wanted to reveal his power and glory?
Probably both those reasons, but also another very important reason:
He needed a way into their hearts.

He needed to make an impression so that something lasting might begin.

The people in this story most certainly weren’t looking for a relationship at first.They were interested more in what Jesus could do for them, rather than who Jesus is.

He wants to fulfill our needs too.
But much more than that, he wants a relationship.

Why do we come to Jesus?
Is it because we want him to take care of a temporal need?
Is it because we want to avoid hell and get to Heaven?
Is it because we know that we are nothing without him, and we need his grace?

All valid reasons.

But fundamentally, God invites us to embrace who he is much more than what he can do.

That’s the height of Christian perfection.
The rest takes care of itself.

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