Our role as Christians

Deacon Mike Dalessandro

“A prophet is not without honor except in his native place and among his own kin and in his own house.”

Words from today’s gospel, according to Mark. (Mark 6:1-6)

Our role as Christians is, quite literally, to become like Christ.

This begins at our baptism.
The baptized have a high calling.

We are baptized and anointed kings: royalty; sons and daughters of the Risen King.

We are baptized and anointed priests: we unite our prayers, actions, and suffering with the saving action of God on the cross.

But, we must never forget we are baptized and anointed prophets too.
It is our job – through love – to preach the gospel, where it is welcome, and where it is not.
Each to our own degree, with grace and prudence.

We’re surrounded with broken and lost people who need to hear a prophetic voice.
They’re right among us – in our schools, our workplace, social media, our very homes.

It’s not easy to say what needs to be said.
But it’s an essential work of Mercy.

We might be rejected in the same way Jesus was.
But Jesus never promised that his followers would be liked.
He only promised a cross.
This is a cross.
This is a burden.
A burden worth carrying, for the sake of salvation.

 Fr. Roy Parayil MS

Look at the world today; we see a decline of Justice and Peace. We also see a decline in working for Justice and Peace. Why? May be the thought of individualism is taking over and the globalization is influencing the society very much. What is Justice? And what is peace? How can we experience it in our lives? Pope Paul VI says, ‘development is the new word for peace’. Yes, if the societies, communities or even countries are focusing on the development of its members or citizens we will surely experience peace. Justice is a gift, a call and a commitment. Justice is nothing but sharing what is our due. If the politicians, other leaders and everyone in the society is ready to be just; we will experience justice. To work for justice means is to take hold of the depth of the situation of the poor and understand the reality. Everyone in the world has a right to live in dignity and we have the responsibility to become liberator of the poor and oppressed of the society. How do we respond? Sometimes we think we have nothing to do. Some other times we pass by or remain on the mountain saying I am helpless and I will pray for you. We have to remember that it is our responsibility to walk to Jordan and Calvary experiencing the struggles by being with the people.

Commitment for justice and peace can never escape criticism. But Jesus tells us not to lose heart when we begin to work for something good. Our hunger for justice should have deep spirituality. Our work is nothing but to participate and collaborate with the work of God. We have to restore the covenant with God. We have to build up peace. The Church always had this concept of peace building. We have to look at the world in the eyes of the poor and fulfill the responsibility as faithful Christians.

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