blessing of a faithful friend +

March 1, 2019   Sirach 6:5-17; Mark 10:1-12

The reading from Sirach today describes the blessing of a faithful friend.

In the Gospel … Jesus affirms marriage as a union designed by God. Human relationships … whether they are friendships, familial, or marital … are bonds that are central to our humanity.

We encounter love … tenderness … and a sense of wholeness in the relationships we form. As humans … we need others for our mental … spiritual and emotional well-being.

Today’s readings speak to the sacredness of human relationships. Sirach’s advice is how to be a good friend … and by extension … be a good spouse … a good religious … a good human being.

God’s love is present and reflected in the love we share with others. In our relationships … we become the face of God for others. In the references to the bond of marriage … Jesus asks us to maintain the sanctity of relationships. our state of life … our relationships need to be

faithful …

sacrificial …

                                                                                                 and life-giving.

Let us do our best to emulate God’s love for US

in our relationships with OTHERS.

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