Today’s Reflection

Today’s Reflection

Don Talafous OSB

— Don Talafous OSB

Should life’s concerns revolve continually around sin or religion? To reduce it to either of these or to the pursuit of pleasure or money or getting ahead, all of these are just that, “reducing” life, a cutting-down of something rich to one small part of it. Very few of us would say that life itself is basically sin but one hears complaints that there isn’t enough mention of sin or that my main concern must be to avoid sin. Sin is certainly a realistic possibility for any of us who have some basic control of our lives; we are responsible; we can do the wrong thing. We can be selfish, vengeful, mean-spirited. And we should be sorry for such things; then begin anew, with a decision to do better with God’s help.

But shouldn’t life be more about love and friends, good and satisfying work, children and an occasional game, music and laughter, sympathy and encouragement, compliments and good wishes, contributing something to the world around us? Good, genuine religion should be almost unnoticeable; should unobtrusively color all of life so that we see life as coming from God, carried on with God’s help and having a fulfillment beyond this earth. A hearty laugh, a good time with friends, a satisfying dinner or good music, just appreciated for what they are, can be “religious” without a lot of pious talk. “Thank God” is certainly not out of place but we do that also by our appreciation, by reverence, care, respect.


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