mercy and compassion for all people!

Franciscan Sisters of Allegany and Associates

Our readings today call us to reflect on the call to service and to consider how we respond.

In the first reading from Genesis, Joseph is called upon by Pharaoh to serve the people who are suffering from famine. Joseph’s service is not simply to the Egyptians but rather to all people because all people were suffering. When the people of Israel came for grain, among them were the brothers of Joseph. These brothers did not recognize him because they had sold him into slavery when he was a youth. Joseph heard his brothers admit their guilt and could have responded with revenge and vengeance but instead he wept. His tears reveal not only his own personal pain but his heart touched with mercy.

The gospel today recalls the instructions that Jesus gave his disciples when he sent them out to preach. He clearly gave them authority to act and heal in his name.

Let us remember that we too are called to witness and preach the Good News of God’s love by serving others. Our service with and among others is never about our own personal gain, recognition or growth in popularity. We serve to make Christ known and to give praise and glory to God.

May we serve God all the days of our lives with love, mercy and compassion for all people!

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