Christ affects our lives

Friends, today’s Gospel shows how the light of Christ affects our lives. Well, light is wonderful in the measure that it illumines and brightens and delights. But light can also be disconcerting. Think of how bad most of us look in direct light! I discovered this while filming the CATHOLICISM series. I much prefer the indirect light that you can produce indoors. The full glare of the sun reveals every flaw, imperfection, and peculiarity of your face.

Think of what happens when you suddenly shine a light into a dark corner in your basement or down a lonely alley. The bugs and the vermin reveal themselves. Unsavory things scurry about for cover, afraid of the light.

When you invite Jesus into your life, you are inviting the light into your life. Again, this is wonderful, but it is also frightening. Jesus will shine his light in every corner of your life, in every room of your house. Things that look okay in the dark or in the indirect light will suddenly stand out in all of their unpleasantness.

It doesn’t take much to listen

“Sacrifice or oblation you wished not,
but ears open to obedience you gave me.”

Words from today’s Responsorial Psalm, Psalm 40.

chineseletterGod has always offered a means to reconcile ourselves with him.
Because we constantly need it.

But he prefers that we are obedient, and he have us ears to do so.

Obedience begins first with hearing.
We cannot obey unless we first hear the command.
By listening.

But listening takes effort.
It doesn’t occur passively.
It isn’t easy at all.
It requires a movement of the soul.
It takes will.

Will against distractions.
Will against the uncomfortable silence.
Will against the fear of missing out.

It doesn’t take much to listen, but yet it requires everything.

A quiet place.
Holy scripture.
His Holy Presence.

Then, the heart moves and resonates with his Word.
And a miracle happens.
The divine communicates with creation.
In the silence.

Then, we obey.